WorldPass Industrial Co., Ltd was established in 2015, as a national high-tech digital device accessories manufacturer specializing in laptop hub, laptop stand, audio adapter, computer dock, docking station.

WorldPass Industrial Co.,Ltd was established in 2017, a national high-tech enterprise,

focusing on the interconnection of audio and video components such as Docking Station,

USB HUB, A/V converter, AR/VR cable, Steam Deck, etc. Our comprehensive product

portfolio is widely used to improve Connectivity and stability of smart mobile devices,

home and office AV equipment, computer peripherals and other electronic terminals. We

have become a member of HDMI and USB Association and have been dedicated to

research and development, mechanical design, precision manufacturing and customer


We have established strategic partnerships with Synaptics and DisplayLink solution

providers to build a global coverage network, expand customers across channels, and

maintain steady growth and reputation. We care about the health of our employees,

distance continuous learning and self-improvement to create a better future together. We

make full use of the advantages of the industrial chain, build a vertically integrated enter-

prise, and maintain self-innovation and continuous improvement. At the same time, we

implement the concept of full-style self-intelligence, build a chain-type intelligent data-

base of scientific and technological information, embrace differentiation, create star

products with the help of the network and database, and fully promote the development

of the industry.

core advantages:

1. Industrial chain advantages

Integrate the industry chain to provide global brands and customers with one-stop

service of market research, product ID, PCB design, mold and precision parts design and

manufacturing, SMT, product development, manufacturing, delivery and technical

support for ODM and OEM products.

2. R&D capability

As a national high-tech enterprise, Weirun people are committed to user-centered

technology and product innovation. Our strong R&D team, lean manufacturing helps to

provide flexible and innovative solutions, allowing us to meet the various fast-paced

needs of our customers.

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